Answers to "Can You Find"

Red Game Pieces

  • Sanctuary lamp - The tabernacle is on the gold game board
  • Chasuble - The priest wearing a crucifix is on the rose board
    • The men who can consecrate would include all men but deacon.
  • Lectionary - The ambo is on the rose board
  • Stole - Items with the Α & Ω are the purple chasuble, the missal (red board), and the red chasuble
  • Sacramentary/Missal - The missal stand is on the brown board and the altar is on the rose board.
  • Sacramentary/Missal - The 2 habits are brown and white

Green Game Pieces

  • Stole - 1 humeral veil is on the gold board and the other is on the blue board.
  • Stole - The 5 surplices are worn by the blue priest (the game piece) as well as the 4 servers holding the canopy on the blue board.
  • Pall - The chasuble and stole worn during Advent - purple
  • Priest
    • 2 Sacraments of Service - Matrimony and Holy Orders
    • 2 Sacraments of Healing - Anointing of the Sick and Reconciliation
    • 3 Sacraments of Initiation - Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation
  • Chalice veil - all pieces are on green board except for purificator, which is on the white board.

Blue Game Board

  • Banners - St. Michael is on the sword on the 7 Sacraments board
  • Candles - The Altar is on the rose board
  • Hymnal - the grapes and wheat are on the pall (green) and funeral pall (deacon)
  • Hymnal - Chasuble and stole during Lent - purple

Gold Game Board

  • Candelabra - The lamb and the book are on the orange board.
  • Cope - Our Lady of Mount Carmel is on the scapular on the brown board.
  • Cope - The 2 keys are on the confessional on the brown board.
  • Priest - The hosts are: the borders of the rose, black, white, red, green and purple boards, gifts (rose), cope (gold), consecration (purple), Holy Eucharist (orange - 7 Sacraments) and missal (red).
  • Priest - The vessels to hold the Body of Our Lord: monstrance (gold and blue), tabernacle (gold), paten (green), and ciborium (purple)
  • Humeral Veil - "Praised Be Jesus Christ" is on the bishop's crest on the title "Bishop"

Purple Game Board

  • Chasuble - Our Lady is on the blue banner.
  • Ciborium - tabernacle (gold) and sanctuary lamp (red).

Rose Game Board

  • Ambo - Cassocks - blue priest, red priest, bishop alone, bishop and pope together.
  • Chasuble - INRI - processional cross (black)
  • Chasuble - Name of vessel is chalice - Consecration (purple), missal (red), cope (gold), chalice and chalice veil (green). NOTE: the wine on the rose board is not one of the 5 since the wine is not consecrated in the decanter.
  • Priest - monstrance is on the gold and blue boards

White Game Board

  • Stole - Miraculous Medal is one blue priest and brown scapular
  • Aspergillum and Stoup - Banner (blue), background (gold), rosary center piece (gold), and brown scapular (3).
  • Purificator - There are many places to find a crucifix: background (red, black and purple), priest necklace (rose), rosary (gold), processional cross (black), and chasuble (black).


  • Crozier - 5 places for Holy Water - Aspergillum and stoup (white), holy water font (black), baptismal font (yellow - deacon), cruets (purple), and Baptism (orange - 7 sacraments).
  • Bishop in Cassock - Bishop's wearing ring - this piece, Holy Orders (orange - 7 Sacraments), both bishop and pope in same picture. Remember, the pope is the bishop of Rome.
  • Mitre - The sheep is in the center of the crozier.

Black Game Board

  • Chasuble - HIS - cope (gold) and pall (green).
  • Chasuble - Chasuble and stole in Ordinary time - green
  • Stole - St. Simon Stock is on the brown scapular
  • Processional cross - 4 red crosses - corporal (red), mitre (bishop), sword (orange - 7 Sacraments), and 1 half hidden (purificator - white).


  • Dalmatic - Chasuble and stole during Easter and Christmas - white.
  • Weddings - Animals are on the deacon background.
  • Weddings - Chasuble and stole for Laetare and Gaudete Sunday's - rose


  • Bells - Priest wearing rosary - white
  • Priest - Sorrowful Mother and St. John - background (purple, black and red) and chasuble (black).
  • Missal Stand - chasuble and stole for martyrs - red

7 Sacraments

  • Holy Orders - Reconciliation (orange - 7 Sacraments) and confessional (brown).

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