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What is The Priest Game?

Game Pieces
  • The Priest Game offers something for everyone to learn more about the beauty of the Catholic priesthood and the Mass
  • Through the teachable pieces, families and classrooms will not only become familiar with the names of the vessels, vestments, furnishings, liturgical seasons, and more, they will also learn basic facts for each

  • Game Pieces
  • In addition, the youngest children will have the ability to learn their colors, color words, numbers and shapes
  • Children will also enjoy dressing the priests for Mass
  • For those young boys who like to pretend to be priests, 6 beautiful "hosts" (made of very durable card) are included to add to their Mass kits

Game Pieces

To play

  • Spin and find the corresponding piece


  • To learn names of items
  • To associate various items that are connected
  • To learn about these items, the Mass and our priests
  • To learn colors
  • To learn color words
  • To learn numbers 1-8

Included in this game:

  • 6 2-sided game boards in 12 different colors
  • 96 teachable pieces
  • Extra "Did you know" points about the Catholic faith and "Can you find" seek and find fun.
  • Game Pieces
  • A variety of prayers, including prayers for our priests.
Game Pieces
Game Pieces

Image of DVD

As an added bonus, a DVD is also included to expand on these basic facts from the game.

In it, Father breaks down the Catholic Mass, explaining the meaning behind its mysteries as well as a deeper understanding of the Eucharist.

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